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Harnessing Women's Rights to Natural Resources To Advance the Status of Rural Women by Natalie Elwell, World Resources Institute; Nathalie Simoneau, World Wildlife Fund and Kame Westerman, Conservation International

March 12, 2018

Rural women depend on nearby forests, rivers and farmland for their lives and livelihoods. Safeguarding their rights to these natural resources is critical to advancing nearly all other rural women-focused issues, from eradicating hunger to improving health outcomes. But unfortunately, even when national laws afford women equal access to these resources, customary practices prohibit women from exercising their rights or participating in decision-making processes. 

Leading experts from prominent conservation and environment organizations facilitated a discussion on gender equality and sustainability. They shared real-world examples of policies that advance women’s rights, community initiatives that strengthen women’s engagement in natural resource management, and advocacy campaigns that drive political action and catalyze financial investments.