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European Forest Institute's Land-use Planner: An interactive tool to support responsible land-use planning by Pascal Douard, European Forest Institute and James Acworth, LTS International

March 22, 2018

The Land-use Planner is an open tool for planners, policymakers, facilitators and stakeholders to make informed decisions about land use, forests and commodities. The Land-use Planner makes it easy to analyze and compare options for rural land use, and to balance economic, social and environmental interests, including employment, food security and carbon sequestration. The tool also helps planners to provide the information stakeholders need to understand and participate in decision-making.

The Land-use Planner can be used at different levels. At the project level, it can inform an environmental and social impact assessment. At the jurisdictional level, it can support investment planning to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). At the national level, it can support policy discussions on how to achieve agricultural production targets while preserving forests and other ecosystems. To inform a comprehensive land-use planning process, the Land-use Planner is best used as a complement to spatial mapping tools.

The tool is available online in a beta version. An offline version also exists to make it easier to use in remote areas with no Internet access.

This brownbag was an opportunity to present how the tool is used within the further development of a common mapping platform and a proposition of methodology for local land use planning in South-West Cameroon.