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Increasing Conservation Finance For Uganda's Protected Areas through Wildlife Tourism by Kathleen H. Fitzgerald, African Wildlife Foundation

May 3, 2018

Uganda supports an exceptional network of protected areas capturing diverse and unique landscapes including savannahs, tropical forests and volcanic peaks. However, like many protected area authorities in Africa, the Uganda Wildlife Authority lacks the financial resources to adequately manage their protected area estate. The Giants Club, in partnership with the African Wildlife Foundation, Conservation Capital and the government of Uganda, recently identified conservation tourism opportunities in Uganda’s protected areas and hosted the first conservation and tourism investment forums in Uganda. The forum generated incredible interest in smart investment in Uganda, which will result in a substantial increase in revenue for Uganda’s protected areas. This talk highlights the challenges in conservation finance, the Uganda government led process to optimize the economic opportunities in their parks to enhance conservation and the next steps. 

Speaker Bio

Kathleen H. Fitzgerald 
Vice President of Programs for East and Southern Africa, African Wildlife Foundation

Kathleen is Vice President of Programs for East and Southern Africa for the African Wildlife Foundation. Kathleen has worked with protected areas—government, private and community—to enhance ecological, social and financial sustainability and leads AWF’s protected area finance program.


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