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Conjuring a multi-sectoral approach to avoid a food security and environmental crisis in western Uganda

May 22, 2018

Dates: May 22-24, 2018

Fossil fuel production, hydro-electric generation, road construction and agricultural development in western Uganda have enormous potential to improve the wellbeing of all Uganda citizens. But to ensure that economic development does not result in undesired social and ecological impacts, the Government of Uganda and its private sector and civil society partners need to find ways to ensure that development has a net positive impact. This requires that all relevant sectors work together to develop solutions and that generate positive social and ecological impacts, while mitigating both immediate and cumulative unintended negative impacts.

This workshop was designed to build on the solid foundation of work by the Government of Uganda, the Uganda Biodiversity Fund, the private sector and civil society organizations to develop a consensus multi-sectoral “road-map” for ensuring that much needed economic development does not result in unexpected and undesired social and ecological impacts that would imperil the future wellbeing of Ugandan families.


For more information, see the event blog post.