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The African rhino situation: Is it getting better? By Michael Knight, World Wildlife Fund

March 15, 2019

For over 35 years of his working life, Dr. Michael Harrison Knight has been a professional conservationist. This initially focused on eco-physiological adaptations of arid-adapted animals, to the role of large African mammals as an important driver of ecological processes. This focus broadened to the general biodiversity conservation, with an emphasis on the role of conservation science in the expansion and management of a representative system of national parks in South Africa. In this regard, he has been instrumental in expanding the South African national parks conservation estate by 7,000 km2 through multiple means. In addition, this has been coupled with the development of management plans required to run the protected areas. Making these park management plans living documents remains an ongoing and adaptive process of linking the relationship between science and protected area management, inclusive of socio-economic, cultural and political support pillars.

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