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Conserving Our Global Freshwater Future in Africa

November 9, 2016

An unprecedented transformation is underway in African watersheds. We have a fleeting opportunity to deliver proactive solutions that enable leaders to make wise choices and show the world a better, more balanced way to grow. To do this, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is focused on large freshwater systems with global ecological importance, where enabling political and social conditions for conservation exist, and where there is potential for high return on conservation investment.

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Featured Speaker:

Colin Apse TNC

Colin ApseAfrica Freshwater Conservation Director, The Nature Conservancy

Colin Apse is the Freshwater Conservation Director for The Nature Conservancy’s Africa Region. He has over fifteen years of experience at TNC working on freshwater ecosystem conservation and sustainable water management solutions. In Africa, for the last five years Colin has been at the center of project development for TNC’s freshwater efforts in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Gabon and now acts in a supporting role for TNC staff hired to lead these projects. 

Colin’s first decade with the Conservancy was focused in the United States on developing strategies and policy approaches that balance human water use and environmental water needs – such as fish passage and adequate flow - at state and river basin scales. 

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