Speaker series DC: Dr. Bob McCleery, University of Florida

May 9, 2017

Presentation title: Maintaining Diversity in African Savannas and Training Tomorrow’s Conservation Leaders

Biodiversity in African savannas is increasingly threatened from extensive habitat loss, grazing, resource extraction and agriculture. To address these issues, a formidable team of researchers and educators from The University of Florida, The University of Swaziland and The Organization for Tropical Studies has been formed. Through research on balancing agricultural production with biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, they have trained 12 Swazi students leading to 7 master's degrees, enrollment in 3 international PhD programs and 2 full time jobs in conservation. Additionally, 18 South African environmental monitors now use their newly acquired skills to understand environmental changes in economical and politically disadvantaged communities. Learn more about this research aimed at preventing biodiversity loss and its implication as a platform for developing human capacity.

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Featured speaker:

Dr. Bob McCleery, Associate Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida

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