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Saving Forests in Gabon: On the path of elephants and Kevazingo trees by Wilde Ngalekassaga

June 8, 2017

In the last years in Gabon, the Kevazingo, one of the country's most symbolic trees, has suffered from an illegal logging crisis that has surged alongside a rush in elephant poaching for ivory. In this talk, Wilde discussed the similarities and connections between the two phenomena and proposes possible solutions. His presentation builds on the work of the non-governmental organization, Conservation Justice, which is part of the EAGLE Network.

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Speaker Bio
Wilde Ngalekassaga is an Environmental Policy Analyst specializing in wildlife and forestry law enforcement. He has been working for five years with Conservation Justice in Gabon, focusing on anti-trafficking efforts in wildlife and forest management. His work consists of coordinating intelligence information, law enforcement operations, and lawsuits. He has contributed to the publication of legal books and reports on corruption in Gabon in addition to hundreds of arrests. Currently, he is a Humphrey Fellow at the University of California, Davis for 2016-2017, where he is focusing on his interest in Natural Resources and Environmental Policy.