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Balancing Science and Traditional Knowledge: Community-driven Conservation in Tanzania & Technical Cooperation with the US Forest Service by Laly Lichtenfeld

October 3, 2017

Around the world, large carnivores face extreme threats to their survival in landscapes where they live alongside human populations. Conserving these magnificent species requires a balanced approach that respectfully integrates the needs of both local people and wildlife. Visiting from Tanzania, African People & Wildlife CEO, Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld, shared her on-the-ground experiences conserving Tanzania’s big cats in partnership with the Maasai people and, most recently, the US Forest Service. She discussed the prevention of human-wildlife conflicts and the organic development of her team’s internationally recognized, four-step model for community-driven conservation that is widely applicable in landscapes where people and wildlife interact, highlighting contributions of APW’s evolving technical partnership with the US Forest Service toward these ends.