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Conserving Lake Tanganyika's fisheries and biodiversity:From local collaboration to lake-wide impact by Peter Limbu, The Nature Conservancy

January 8, 2018

Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world and one of the last large lakes that still has a generally intact aquatic ecosystem. The Nature Conservancy's Tuungane project is working along Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania to combat declining fish populations and conserve biodiversity though a broad range of initiatives, including helping to establish co-management institutions (Beach Management Units), creating community-supported freshwater protected areas, and working on reduction in the use of illegal gears.

Speaker Bio

Peter Limbu
Fisheries Technical Advisor for the Tuungane Project, The Nature Conservancy

Peter Limbu is the Fisheries Technical Advisor for The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Tuungane Project on Lake Tanganyika in Western Tanzania, where he leads the Conservancy’s efforts towards conserving the biodiversity and fisheries of Lake Tanganyika.


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