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Global Wildlife Program: Application of innovative technology to reduce poaching by Colby Loucks, WWF; Robert Hannaford, UAV & Drone Solutions (Pty) Ltd.; Jeff Frank, FLIR Systems

January 23, 2018

This virtual knowledge exchange session provided Global Wildlife Program stakeholders' information on innovative technologies that are helping rangers on the ground combat illegal poaching in Africa. FLIR Systems, the World Wildlife Fund and UAV & Drone Solutions are collaborating to leverage night vision technology to help rangers find and apprehend poachers and UAV systems (drones) to prevent wildlife crime and reduce human-elephant conflict. This technology is an important tool that helps park's anti-poaching teams with the aerial support, enables rapid response and monitors wide areas of wildlife habitat.

Through this virtual session, the speakers provided an overview of these innovative technologies that are being utilized in countries across Africa and answer questions on the impact of these technologies on conservation and environmental preservation.


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