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Countering Wildlife Trafficking in Mozambique - What's Working and What Hasn't by Alastair Nelson, Wildlife Conservation Society

February 14, 2018

This presentation provided background regarding the current wildlife trafficking problem in Mozambique, and how this fits within the region. It covered some of the overlaps of wildlife crime with other illegal trades (e.g. narcotics, human trafficking), and for northern Mozambique in particular it  covered the breakdown in governance and the rule of law, and how this related to recent insecurity. It addressed responses that have been tried, what has not worked and what has worked, and what is being done now to tackle these problems going forward.

Speaker Bio

Alastair Nelson
Counter Wildlife Trafficking, East and Southern Africa, Wildlife Conservation Society

Alastair Nelson has 20+ years conservation experience in the Horn of Africa, east and southern Africa. In 2017 he took on a new role supporting the Wildlife Conservation Society’s counter wildlife trafficking work in east and southern Africa, and links to Asia.


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