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We tackle complex conservation challenges by strengthening collaboration and leveraging resources across Africa.

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An In-Depth Analysis of the Land Tenure Status, Socio-Economic and Biodiversity Profiles: Kilombero Cluster, SAGCOT, Tanzania

The Kilombero Cluster supports a wide range of important global biological diversity and is regarded as an ecological bank with its abundant natural resources, including wetlands, wildlife, fertile soils, forests and water catchment areas and it inhabits the Kilombero Valley Flood Plain, a World Heritage, which is one of the Africa’s largest river basin joining the Great Ruaha, Rufiji and Luwegu rivers.

From Conflict to Coexistence: How Peace and Security Underpin Conservation in Northern Kenya

By using empathy in their work, Conservation International is able to relate to and address the numerous confounding factors that make coexistence between people and nature more of a dream than a reality in many places, especially in remote rural areas like northern Kenya.

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